10 Dec 2013

Merry Christmas from EtherTech – Trading hours over the Christmas Break.

Dear Valued Customer,

Over the Christmas and New Year period, EtherTech Computer Services will be trading as normal. Please note that we will be closed on public holiday days only.

Due to some team members having a well-earned break over this period (and others off on maternity leave!), please be aware that we will be running skeleton staff during this time, but everyone will be back on deck by the 6th January.

Never fear however we can ALL be contacted during this period if required. If you do have any IT requirements during the holiday season, please continue to contact us on 1300-ETHERTECH and either leave a message or if it is an emergency there is an option to be transferred to our on-call technician.

Wednesday, 25th December:     CLOSED
Thursday 26th December:          CLOSED
Wednesday, 1st January:           CLOSED

Please also make sure you check out and like our Facebook page @ http://www.facebook.com/ethertech.au

Merry Christmas to all from EtherTech !

Be safe, and have a great break everyone! And we’ll see you in the new year !

03 Dec 2013

December 2013 – Still confused by the Cloud ?

Welcome to the latest edition of Boffin at EtherTech; still confused about which cloud solution is the best fit for your business?

Pushing part or all of your business to the Cloud can have colossal benefits. Retaining control and start progressing quicker than your competitors with services that can be automated and tailored to your business.

Virtualising a percentage of your business is a smart way to help identify and process cost cutting measures to drive your business forward.

Making the move to the Cloud can also reduce your company’s administration and integration costs by forming baselines. A workplace is a diverse environment which includes a range of workstations with varied Operating Systems (OS), Service Packs and programs. Virtualising applications enables these devices to run the executable programs on a platform that is readily accessible with the use of an Internet connection.

Our cloud storage solution has backup and recovery systems in place with added security and peace of mind built to keep cybercriminals at bay. This means less time worrying about the security of your data and more time driving the business to record highs in the cloud. Your business therefore can become quicker and more efficient to push past rivals.

Avoid hidden costs that other I.T. company’s may offer and talk to us today. We can help you drive your business further with a catalogue of Cloud services to safely and securely put your business into the Cloud.

Christmas is nearly here and what a great year it’s been. Here is a 2013 selection of goodies at EtherTech:

Microsoft (MS) Windows 8 & 8.1 this year changed the way we looked at interacting with information on multiple devices. Microsoft moves to remove Windows XP and looking to the future of Operating Systems.

MS Office 2013 was released bringing with it new ways to be creative, edit and browse media on multiple platforms.

Trend Micro antivirus successfully showcased its ways to fight Cybercriminals.

The latest highly powered smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy & IPhone series available at EtherTech

Specials on Solid State Drives (SSD) speeding up processes on workstations.

The only downside for this year were some price increases from Microsoft which will affect a few cloud services.  We will have more information on December 10 and will advise affected clients by Friday the 13th.

Plus many more so have fun, play safe and we look forward to a prosperous New Year.

01 Nov 2013

November 2013 – Windows 8.1 release. What does it all mean?

Welcome to Summer!.. Well with only one month before it officially starts, and with our recent weather here in Melbourne summer can’t come soon enough!

In late October though, Microsoft released the latest Windows 8.1 update from the Windows store.

This is a FREE update for all Windows 8 users, although at around 3GB, the download from the windows store can be very painful to download and install, so if you are having problems give us a call and we’ll give you the upgrade on a DVD.

Microsoft have focused on a number of features to help improve the user experience from version 8.0, including enhancements to the search function, the Graphical User Interface (GUI) has also been improved (by integrating the new Internet Explorer 11) to give people more choice with backgrounds, tiles and improve the ways of working with up to 4 applications viewable on any given screen at once.

Version 8.1 also brings back the trusty old ‘start’ button when in ‘desktop’ mode, although it only takes you back to the tile pane. We still recommend our clients to download and install ‘classic shell’ to get the proper ‘start menu’ and program launcher everyone is used it with every previous version of Windows.

Interestingly, Microsoft have already reported problems with this software release on their Surface tablets. The upgrade has reportedly crashed the devices and Microsoft have had to temporarily remove the RT version from the Windows Store.

We have noticed a few issues as well, with many 3rd party software applications having to be re-installed after the upgrade to 8.1 as they exhibit failures when launching.

So, is it worth upgrading to 8.1? Well, it’s definitely not a ‘ground breaking’ release, but if you think of it more like a ‘windows service pack’ then yes its worth upgrading due to the patches and updates.

In other news, we have been busy bees here at EtherTech   upgrading and migrating ALL our hosted Exchange clients from Exchange 2010 over to the latest Exchange 2013 release.

This release brings a range of speed, security and functional benefits, all at no cost to our subscribers as part of our obligations for providing best-of-breed solutions.  Features like auto-unsubscribe, Bing Maps integration, automatic meeting and action detection and a revamped web app are now available to those running Outlook 2013.

If you would like more information on this or how we can help you get ahead please contact us on 1300-ETHERTECH!

See you next month!

01 Oct 2013

October 2013 – Security & Printing, are yours up to spec?

Welcome to the latest Boffin installment; A footy frenzy to finish off  September with the Mighty Hawks winning their 11th AFL premiership! For the non Hawthorn supporters out there, there’s always next year!

To kick us off into October we have an amazing offer that you cannot miss on new OKI printers. Please call us to discuss the right options for your business and save $$$.
The OKI team supply us with superior printers for businesses and when there’s an offer we pass the benefits on to our clients. This offer is purely for the month of October so don’t miss out on the savings you can make with EtherTech.

The OKI MC862 A3/A4 Colour Network Multi Function Printer boasts:

–       Duplex printing as standard

–       Flexible media handling from CD labels, business cards and banners to standard, day-to-day business documents

–       One touch Copy, Scan, Print and Fax buttons

–       Scan to USB stick, client, email or network PC

–       Print Speed A4: 26ppm colour, 34ppm mono; A3: 15ppm colour, 17ppm mono

–       Fax directly from a PC or forward incoming faxes to a PC

–       Embedded LDAP provides diredt access to contact and email data in an existing directory file

–       A Job Interrupt function to allow printing to be paused whilst urgent documents are copied, scanned or faxed

–       3 years extended warranty upon registration within 30 days of purchase.


Now with a FREE toner bundle fo October only (Magenta, Cyan, Yellow, Black). Saving you an extra $1200 !


Or, downsize to the OKI MB471 offering an all-in-one package with multi functions such as print, copy, scan and fax. It holds a resolution of 1200dpi, has print speeds of 33ppm. This comes with 3 year warranty and duplex printing.


–       33ppm mono

–       Print Resoultion1200 x 1200 dpi

–       Emulation- P53, PCL 5/6. Epson/IBM

–       Interface- USB, Parrallel, Network

Don’t waste anymore time and money on inefficient printers; start recovering costs and benefit from these plus many more printers and consumables from OKI at EtherTech.



Is an eye-opener for most when they hear horror stories from like-minded business owners who have been caught out without the aid of security cameras.
IP cameras can be effective and cheap to install. The camera never lies, and can identify problem areas within any business; ones which you may never have suspected before. So take back the control and let EtherTech help you. .


With technology on our side, EtherTech have time and experience on our side to help you make informed decisions with your IT infrastructure

If you would like more information on this or how we can help you get ahead please contact us.

03 Sep 2013

September 2013 – Spring is here! are you ready for the heat onslaught later in the year?

Welcome to the latest Boffin edition; warming up with the latest tech news and springing into life in September.

To kick us off, Smartphones are playing a huge part of our daily worklife with the ability to stream content directly from/to the phone and other devices using a 3G/4G/WiFi connection.

For the devote fans of the BlackBerry smartphone, the new BlackBerry 9720 hits the shelf with a underwhelming specification. The new model is using the aged OS 7.1 instead of OS 10, it boasts a 2.8 touchscreen, 5 MP camera and you can choose from Black, White, Purple, Blue, or Pure Pink!

The new iPhone 5S is due for release in September and reported to showcase its new A7 quad core processor with 3 GB RAM. It is also rumoured to have a fingerprint sensor, 128 GB internal storage and a much longer battery life. We are looking forward to seeing how this will hold up against the latest Samsung Galaxy.

Competition for the number one smartphone hotspot between Apple and Samsung has been interesting to watch, since Samsung released the Galaxy S4 and their overwhelming sales hit all time highs boasting the smartphones performance and specification. Dependant on how the new iPhone sales go, Samsung is reported to release the new Galaxy smartphone late 2013 / early 2014.

This month UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) has saved the day for a number of us. Interestingly we have seen a number of companies encounter problems without having a UPS hooked up to their servers, backup devices, switches, telephone systems etc.

The UPS is a core component of a company’s infrastructure and shouldn’t be overlooked especially when expensive hardware and services are to be protected. With the appropriate setup and configuration a sequence of hardware failures can be avoided.

As a reminder, your UPS battery should be replaced at least every 3 years and it is certainly worth considering an environment without having the added protection of a UPS; how would your business operate in the event of a power failure and the UPS didn’t respond to the demands of your attached devices. Look especially at the time and money it would cost for this to be overlooked.

Is your UPS right for your business? Will it allow enough time for the administrator to power down the attached devices safely.

In other news the Compact Cassette had its 50th birthday. How times have changed using the cassettes to run programs on the old Sinclair Spectrum; not to mention recording your mix tapes from the radio! Have you still got your mix tapes?

If you would like more information on anything IT related, please contact us on 1300-ETHERTECH. See you next month!

01 Aug 2013

August 2013 – Speed up your Notebook and extend its life at the same time!

I was just complaining that it seems like the last newsletter only went out a few days ago, but alas it was a month… Oh how time flies.


Another busy month here at EtherTech, with a lot of clients migrating to the cloud, and we have also been undertaking some capasity upgrades and extra redundancy setups to ensure we have the most resilient network infrastructure around.  We have Exchange 2013 upgrades coming this month as well as CRM this weekend, with our own support staff launching in to the world of Dynamics CRM.


Here at EtherTech, things seem to go in waves for no apparent reason. For example : July has seen a large number of broken notebook screens sent in for repair, whereas the month before it was notebook hard disc failures.


We want to briefly touch upon notebooks and the myriad of issues that do and will occur with them due to their portable nature.


Screen breakages, hard disc failures, power connector breaks, power supply failures, and water damage are the most common issues we’re faced with when trying to repair notebooks that come into us at the office. Most of the time it’s a distraught owner with their home PC who has no backups of their data and kids photos, or a 2 year-old who has been pressing buttons to no end.


Notebooks (up until about a year ago) historically contained a SATA ‘legacy’ hard drive that contains the platters and heads that have to move back and forth to read and write your data and are prone to damage due to shock/wear and tear etc, and generally look like this :



Here in 2013 though, we’re lucky that a technology which replaces the moving parts of ye olde HDD is here. SSD or Solid State Hard Drives are here, they’re cost effective, have no moving parts and they’re FAST!


Solid State Drives have been around for a number of years now, but have always been cost prohibitive until very recently.


The advantage of Solid State Drives is that they have no moving parts at all, and just like your USB data keys rely solely on reading and writing data very quickly to chips instead of moving discs.



The benefits don’t stop there.


SSD uses 2-3watts of power meaning an extra 30mins of notebook battery life! SSD also takes a median average of 16-22 secs to boot Windows compared with 40-120+ secs.


SSD’s can get your data in to RAM 3x faster, which means a more responsive computer.


The Samsung SSD drives we have available start at $155 / 120GB, $265 / 250GB and $718 for 512GB.


So even if your computer is about 2-3 years old, it might be worthwhile the investment in a new SSD upgrade for your laptop or even destkop. Give us a call for more information!


Until next month!


As always if you have any questions or need any advice please contact us on 1300-ETHERTECH.


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02 Jul 2013

July 2013 – Windows 8.1 preview coming soon !

Happy new financial year! At least, we hope that this next year will be better for everyone.

This last month has been busy for us after our last newsletter, with a number clients replacing their UPS batteries.  In many cases, a long overdue replacement. A quick reminder that a majority of UPS batteries will most likely need replacing after a 3 year period, so its worth asking yourself the question “If my UPS failed, my data was comprimised and my server blew up due to a power outage; how long would it take my business to get back to an operational state again?” Now convert that time into cost. Most would agree it’s a small price to pay for business continuity.

On the move and in control. With everyone becoming more mobile and with more people working away from the office, the latest Telstra 4G mobile broadband will give you access to the Internet on the move when you need it most. EtherTech’s latest Telstra offering starts from only $25 per month and you can have speedy Internet access for your laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

Access your email and business applications through the high speed 4G connection (where available) and boost productivity for executives and staff everywhere. It can be more affordable than using hotel WiFi when traveling and a more convenient way to access your company’s shared documents, resources and applications away from the office.




Coming Soon

Windows 8.1 Preview can now be downloaded from here:


However, consider the drawbacks before moving from the stable Windows 8 Operating System (OS) to the Windows 8.1 update. You may find incompatibility issues and remember to always create a recovery image of your existing setup before taking the plunge. That way you can have peace of mind if the OS becomes corrupt and you can always go back in time to a fully restorable image that you know works.

The Windows 8 update is free and the finalised version will be available later this year.

Some of the fancy new features in Windows version 8.1 include:

  • – Smarter search capability
  • – Predictive text
  • – Return of the Start button
  • – More Personal preferences
  • – Improved multi-monitor view
  • – Miricast streaming
  • – 3D printing support

And if you‘re fascinated by the latest 3D printers; Windows is at the forefront of supporting such wizardry with their software.






If you would like more information on this or how we can help you get ahead with UPS, Mobile Broadband, Windows Blue (v8.1), or 3D Printing, then give us a bell.

Until Next Month!

04 Jun 2013

June 2013 – How safe is your equipment ?

Another month flies by and its almost the end of another financial year ! (where does the time go!) … but at least there is time for another Boffin instalment for your reading pleasure! J

This last month has been an interesting one here at EtherTech with a lot of new clients coming on board and taking up our managed services which is great ! A big welcome to you all !

But, during a couple of site visits this month, we have identified that even though most companies are vigilant in ensuring that their IT systems / servers / printers and workstations are running and operating correctly, almost 100% of companies are overlooking their UPS batteries!

Did you realise that under normal conditions UPS batteries will typically last around 3 – 5 years. However this is dependent on the environment its operating in.

For example humid, hot or cold conditions deplete battery life a LOT quicker than a temperature controlled environment like a server room with constant air temperatures.

As well as temperature issues, the harder a UPS is worked and loaded (how many devices the UPS is servicing) and how often the UPS has to deal with power surges and power outages in your area and of course how many times your UPS batteries actually run out of power altogether.. all of this substantially shortens the life of your UPS batteries.

Did you know that after 5 years of normal use, your UPS actually INCREASES the risk of downtime and damage to your computers or servers !

The good news is that UPS batteries are not as expensive as you think, and are quite easy to replace.  But if you think its time to look at replacing your old UPS now is a good time !

To sweeten the deal on a new UPS, APC are running a promotion called ‘Trade UPS’ for the month of June .


Trade-UPS is a program where new and existing customers can trade in their aging UPS for a brand new APC unit and APC will ecologically dispose and recycle your old units. Not only will you help the environment but you will receive a rebate on your new purchase!

Participating in the Trade-UPS program not only protects your business-critical infrastructure, it ensures that old products are disposed of safely and without harming the environment.

When APC collect your old UPS unit/s, they ensure they are disposed of under an ISO-certified program, with as much of the unit as possible recycled into new batteries and other products.

To see how much APC will pay you for your old unit, visit :


 TIP : We’ve found is the best technique is to write the date you install the new battery onto the actual battery when it gets installed into the UPS, that way you know how long its been.. Its amazing how long things have ‘actually’ been in service for..

Make sure you give us a call on 1300-ETHERTECH to discuss and arrange your new batteries or UPS’s.. HAPPY EOFY!

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