01 Jul

New SaaS Applications Products

Well it has definitely been an exciting start to the year for our Cloud Computing Gurus, as we have had them working over time since January to bring you some exciting new products.  But first, some history.

EtherTech has been providing cloud-based services since 2007,  with the introduction of Hosted Exchange 2007.  Back then we called it hosted managed services. Now we call it Cloud, because it sounds cooler. But what’s cooler, we not only have email, but CRM, Document Management, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Web Apps, Remote Backup, Disaster recovery options and PC management solutions.  So let’s go through just a few of the more recent additions to our online portfolio.

Hosted Exchange

Exchange is Microsoft’s flagship email server product, and one we have been supporting in our data centre for over 4 years.  Last year we mentioned our new hosted Exchange platform, which has been a huge success.  Not only has Hosted Exchange enabled business managers the ability to manage AND provision their own email accounts, but it has dramatically reduced support costs for email, spam and virus protection.  Starting from just $5.50 per user per month, Hosted Exchange saved a start-up business $12,000 in infrastructure costs by simply moving email to the cloud.

Hosted SharePoint

Most of you are aware that SharePoint offers some type of Intranet portal that you never use.  Well with the introduction of SharePoint Server 2010, the game has changed, especially for those of you who spend thousands on ISO certification and maintenance.  Adaps, one of EtherTech’s newest customers and an IT recruitment agency will save an estimated $15,000 annually in employee overheads by automating issue tracking, document management, document revisions and forms based approval workflows.

Hosted CRM 2011

Being an early adopter has its perks for EtherTech.  As one of the first in Australia to deliver Hosted CRM 2011, we are fast becoming an industry leader in Cloud-based CRM solutions.  EtherTech have partnered with a number of customers and developers to deliver customized CRM 2011 solutions for the market place.  With two customers migrated already and another 6 in the pipeline, this is going to really change the way you, our customers, interact with your customers.  Couple this with Microsoft SharePoint and Exchange and you have a solution that will revolutionise the way you communicate, collaborate and add value to your business.

So if you ever wanted to know more about what Cloud Computing is, how it fits in to your next upgrade and what it could mean for your business, then give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to come out and have a chat, discuss solutions and develop some creative ideas to enable ICT the ability to take your business to the next level.


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