When you scour the Internet these days, its not hard finding someone that is offering a hosted SharePoint solution, or reselling someone else’s solution, but a majority offer the free SharePoint Foundation product.  None of our competitors do Hosted SharePoint quite like EtherTech do.

  • First, we don’t offer cheap plans on free SharePoint products;
  • Second, we don’t offer SharePoint Foundation; and
  • Third, we take SharePoint security seriously.

Most of the online services today offer a cheap Hosted SharePoint solution that is insecure, based on limited features and does not scale to Enterprise Grade service.  So the next time you read Enterprise features for consumer cost, then think again.

EtherTech versus the competition

EtherTech’s SharePoint solutions are designed for the Small, Medium and large Enterprise.  Here are just a few of the benefits that really separate EtherTech from practically anyone offering SharePoint as a Service today:

  • HTTPS / SSL support.  The number of providers that are not securing your company data in transit is staggering!
  • Office 2013 Web Apps Support.  Forget downloading and caching documents, open them in the browser, just like Google Docs.  Enabling support for Office Web Apps, gives you the freedom of accessing SharePoint on any device from any location.
  • Fully integrated SharePoint in to Hosted CRM 2013 and Exchange  – giving you a complete end-to-end cloud solution.
  • Fully integrated support for ADFS – allowing you to connect your Enterprise infrastructure in to the cloud with ease
  • Support for Information Rights Management and AD RMS.  This allows your business to ensure that the information that people are sharing is secure and protected, even outside corporate boundaries.
  • Support for additional rights management protectors.  Allow your PDF’s, CAD drawings, Project Management files or development code protected from intellectual property theft.

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As a company that takes security and data integrity seriously, our SharePoint solutions deliver true enterprise solutions and the confidence that your data is safe in the cloud.  So give us a call today and have one of our consultants explain the reasons why EtherTech is fast becoming the premier hoster for SharePoint solutions in Australia.

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