13 Jan

Gadgets of 2012 !!

Hello and Welcome to the new-year and another exciting time for EtherTech and our customers.


We felt that given most of you have struggled to shake off those hang-overs, we wouldn’t delve in to anything too technical this month but look in to the latest gadgets that will be hitting the streets later this year.


One of the biggest events on the nerd calendar is the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in sunny Las Vegas every January.  This event sets the benchmark for industry innovations that are expected to take place for the coming year.


Opening on Tuesday, there are going to be some big announcements from Intel Microsoft, Nokia, HP and Apple.

Top of the rumours list is the entry of HP in to the UltraBook category of notebooks.  The UltraBook is a specification for style, size, and weight whilst retaining high performance.  Think of the UltraBook as a competitor to Apple’s Mac Book Air.  With ASUS and Toshiba already delivering some excellent UltraBooks, expect HP to release their new Envy Spectre product range to be as sexy and sleek as its main rivals.  Due out in Q2 this year.

Intel are also rumoured to be announcing a new Mobile Phone with HTC this month, but the next big one on the agenda for CES is Nokia.  It is expected that Nokia will be introducing its new tablet offering, based on Windows Mobile 8, slated for the first half of this year.


With Windows 8 (the next operating system from Microsoft) looming for public beta, I’m sure we will be getting a bit more up close and personal with changes to the Windows Operating System next month.


If you are planning PC upgrades this year, then consider that Windows 8 will be strongly focused on touch and gestures, so make sure you hold off on your monitor purchases for now.


Speaking of touch, the EXOPC will be launched which is a table top device that will allow retailers to better interact with their customers.  Based on the table top design of the original Microsoft Surface technology, we can expect to see some really exciting products based on table and surface technology in 2012.


Also in the rumour mill is the much anticipated iTV and iPad 3 from Apple.  Whilst we might see a refresh of the iPad, expect the iTV to be announced in October or January 2013.


Some of the interesting announcements will come from Apple’s arch nemesis, Samsung.  With over 100,000 applications on their Smart TV platform and the ability to seamlessly integrate your TV to your tablet, Android or iPhone, we are keeping our eyes on the developments here for your next TV purchase.


VMware will also be demonstrating VMware fusion, which allows you to access any application from anywhere on any device and the ability to support mobile phone virtualisation.  This is going to be huge for all of you who are looking at mobility improvements this year.


To check out the latest announcements, make sure you head to www.ces.com for more information and if any of these new gadgets and products appeal to you or your business then give us a call 1300-384-378 and we’ll be more than happy to help.


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