When most people think of hosting, you might be thinking a static page here, a website there and possibly a Content Management System (CMS) to ease the pain of editing…

Well we like to think of hosting as anything you need us to manage for you in that fluffy white cloud we call the Internet.  So when people talk the elusive cloud, remote backup, e-commerce, digital distribution, anti-spam and anti-virus, hosted email, online CRM, or document management and email from anywhere, anytime, on any device, then this is what we mean by hosting.

Generally speaking, EtherTech can host just about anything online.  If you need an online booking service, electronic distribution platform, CRM System, or SharePoint, Exchange, VMware, public / private / hybrid clouds and beyond, EtherTech has you covered.  Give us a challenge, give us an SLA and our systems will be more than capable of meeting any client demand.

From multi-site redundancy, CDN’s and Web Farms, to high-availability clusters with ZERO oversubscription, EtherTech offer a unique experience whether its a splash page website, a web services end-point, or an iPhone application.

Not only can we host almost anything, but we host it on our own infrastructure.  So when something should ever go wrong, the people who provisioned it, support it.  It’s part of our ethos to ensure that when we manage accountability cradle to grave, we mean it.