From Access to Zend, EtherTech can accommodate any Application Hosting requirement.  Application Hosting is the virtualisation of any application, whether it be a CMS, a web application running PHP or a Microsoft Office Program.

Operating System Support

We are OS agnostic.  If your application requires Debian, Windows, Chrome OS, or OSX, then we have the platform for you.

No over-subscription of CPU time

EtherTech’s applications are based on its virtual machine cloud platform.  With a guarantee that we will not oversubscribe your minimum CPU, Memory and Disk provisions, EtherTech can promise you the performance you need for your application requirements.

More than just hosting…

Offering personalised technical support and one-on-one assistance with building your application, EtherTech go beyond the call of simply offering infrastructure.  We can even be involved in the application development process to ensure you deliver the right vision.

Monitoring 24/7

We actively monitor your systems and our management systems alert us of resource bottlenecks, taking the guesswork out of when to expand your systems requirements.

Want some examples?

Here are just a few of the types of solutions we have developed for our existing clients:

  • A centralised MYOB and QuickBooks virtual application repository for a number of major accounting firms in Melbourne and Sydney that need to simplify their access to client data, whilst retaining appropriate client license and registration data.
  • A LAMP based Digital Agency, delivering Email based Marketing strategies.
  • A Digital Music Distribution Application for music PR throughout Australia.
  • A Chinese Gambling Web Application
  • An iPhone aggregation point for stock news and stock information
  • A web services engine to analyse and distribute customer details between marketing agencies and the motor vehicle industry
  • High-volume e-Commerce Web sites

And that’s just the one’s we can think of!

Contact us today!

So all you need to do before you get in touch with EtherTech is to come up with an Application and an idea and EtherTech can handle the rest!