There are a lot of CRM products out there. Some turnkey, some customised. Enter Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 to the fold and you get the best of both worlds.

With full support for Sandboxing, Email Routing and with a number of CRM 2013 development partners at it’s disposal, EtherTech can offer you a fully-featured, tailored solution to meet and exceed your requirements.

CRM is fast becoming the differentiator for small business to better interact with their customers and compete in a volatile marketplace.

Improving end-to-end interactions with your clients, customers and organisations, CRM 2013 can vastly improve internal efficiencies with maintaining your existing and prospective client base.

From account management to sales and marketing, to quotes and knowledge, CRM 2013 makes your workforce smarter, more professional and more efficient.

With services starting from as low as $71.50 per month, EtherTech’s CRM 2013 solutions are a cost-effective alternative to competing products, particularly in the SME marketplace.