Having introduced Hosted Exchange services way back in 2007 when the concept was new, EtherTech brings a new era of maturity and with it, Hosted Exchange 2013.

Being one of the first providers in Australia to adopt the new service provider features, EtherTech are now leagues ahead with a dedicated cluster purely for Hosted Exchange services.

With organisation scalability in to the tens of thousands, EtherTech has a Hosted Exchange solution that will suit any budget.

Hosted Exchange vs. on-premise Exchange

At EtherTech, we really focus on the small and medium business.  Unfortunately, SME’s don’t always have the budget, skills or availability of IT staff to meet their increasing demands in such a competitive  market place.  As the demands of email servers increase, so too does its complexity and system requirements.

Hosted Exchange in the cloud has a number of benefits including:

By realising these benefits, the overall costs of expensive IT costs are mitigated over the period of the life of the system.  In most cases, all customers – both large and small – who have adopted this approach have found it simpler to manage and simpler to maintain than on-premise installations.

Feature Benefit
Clustered Email Solution Delivering enterprise class redundancy to small business
Improved Resiliency If your Internet connection fails, then mobile devices or wireless broadband access can still give your staff some level of accessibility.  Alternatively, some Internet routers can now support 3G failover which ideally works well with hosted email solutions but not as well on-premise mail servers.
Future-proofed Software Investment Don’t worry about future licensing costs and expensive software upgrades, let EtherTech handle that for you with an all-inclusive cost
Easy to Manage The solution uses a simple web administration tool, allowing office managers or business managers the ability to perform password resets, create new users, wipe mobile device data, at the click of a button and without any technical training.
Remote Device Wipe Factory reset a mobile phone that may contain sensitive contact or personal information if it has been stolen or is to be reused for another staff member.
Scalability Upgrade from 10GB mailbox storage to 25GB at the click of a button.  Add mailboxes when you need them and remove them when you don’t.  We scale to thousands of email accounts!
Email limits Increased in the cloud from the traditional 10MB, up to 128MB.  Ideal for design studios and customers that have large email send requirements.
Reduced support costs The monthly service fee from EtherTech includes free technical support, so any requests technical problems are borne by us, not you.
Reduced Capex Costs When deploying new server hardware, the system requirements for email are removed, thereby reducing hardware costs by up to 50% and turning depreciating capital expenditure costs, in to operational expenditure tax benefits.

E-Mail Spam Filtering

EtherTech is also proud to offer a powerful new email filtering service. The system provides full email security and virus scanning while keeping your email infrastructure unchanged. Whether you use EtherTech for your hosted email or you have your own email server makes no difference. Your users do not need to change how they collect their email and our service requires nothing to install or maintain, so you can focus on what is most important to you, running your business!

Filter out all email spam, threats and viruses before they reach your users. By using our system, you can activate robust security and spam filtering to keep your company secure.

Benefits of EtherTech’s Mail Scanning Email Filtering

  • Blocks Spam – filters the spam email messages BEFORE they reach your computer
  • Blocks Viruses – with virus filtering!
  • More accurate, customized filtering – create your own “allow” and “block” lists to block or allow email from individuals or entire domain names
  • Easy to use – Allow end users to manage their own spam in an easy to use, web based user interface
  • Web-based quarantine area – all email is stored in a quarantine area online for at least two weeks. You can look at the messages and deliver any that might be caught by mistake. If you accidentally delete an important email you can log into the system and easily retrieve it too.
  • High Email Availability – Ensure email arrives even if your email servers go down. Our system spools your email until your email server is ready to accept email again
  • Quickly & Easy – setup with no hardware or software to install
  • Easy to use – Perhaps the best feature of all is the daily reports. Every day each user can get their own email report showing email that was blocked. This way if something is filtered by mistake users can easily go and release the message to their email. The report is sorted and color coded so that it takes only moment to see the messages that might be legitimate but were blocked. It is much faster and more efficient than having to look though a SPAM folder to see if something was blocked by mistake.
  • Administrator Reporting – You can also choose to get a single domain wide report as well. This report lets you keep an eye on all the filtered email for your entire domain.

So what does this Mail Filtering cost?

EtherTech charge out this service at $330.00inc GST per year Per Domain name.

so whether you have 1 or 1000 users, its the same cost.

A once off setup charge of $220inc GST also applies.

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