EtherTech’s Fixed Wireless Broadband network is designed for those organisations that either cannot get Broadband DSL due to location constraints, or require higher speeds than those available with conventional Broadband DSL.

EtherTech can provide wireless speeds up to 30Mbps, and employ NLOS (Near Line of Site) technology to ensure that signal strength is not disadvantaged by objects/buildings that block the path.

Fixed Wireless Broadband is just that – fixed.  It uses a fixed antenna system, and is not portable.

Technical Details

For data to pass from one point to another, a transmitter and transceiver are required. A small transceiver, called a Subscriber Unit (SU) is mounted externally at a clients premises – similar to a small microwave dish in an unobtrusive enclosure. With this technology, virtually any business within range of our base station sites can have Fixed Wireless access.

Network Coverage

Melbourne Wireless Fixed Broadband Coverage