EtherTech provide a range of Internet Access Services for its clients including NBN, ADSL, ADSL2/2+ and SHDSL.


NBN (National Broadband Network) is the underlying infrastructure that allows us to connect to the internet via high speed connections. There are many technologies available with NBN (dependant on your geographical location), but as a certified NBN Business Adviser, EtherTech is more than capable of offering your business with the service you require at a much lower price point. EtherTech can also provision, deploy and install all the required hardware to make these solutions work the way you want them to. Speeds on NBN start at 25mb download and are currently available up to 100mb download and 40mb upload.


ADSL, (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line), is a broadband Internet service that is up to 100 times faster than dial-up connections and many times faster than ISDN.  EtherTech offer downstream speeds from 256kbps to 8mbps with a range of speed and download options to suit.


Extending on the initial speeds of ADSL, EtherTech can improve the speed of your current ADSL speeds by up to 10x that of your existing service.


SHDSL stands for Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line.  Unlike ADSL where the download vs. upload speeds are different, SHDSL offers the same speed – both upload and download.  SHDSL also offers faster upload speeds than ADSL which is ideal for:

  • Voice and Video over the Internet
  • If you are hosting a web site
  • If you send a lot of email or high volume traffic
  • If you have a lot of remote workers (telecommuters) that require better response times.

DSL Features

All of our DSL services include the following features:

EtherTech Managed End-to-End
Include Static IP Address
Provide Service Level Agreements
Guaranteed 99.99% uptime
Monitored 24×7
No contention Ratio
No over subscription of the network
Include free email address
Ideal for Video Conferencing
Ideal for Voice over the Internet *