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EtherTech provisions and installs many diverse styles of High Speed internet connections including :

  • NBN – Fibre to the Node
  • NBN – Fibre to the Premise
  • NBN – Fibre to the Basement
  • NBN – Fibre to the Curb
  • IP-Line – 4 Wire Ethernet MUX service (up to 10mb/10mb)
  • IP-Line – 8 Wire Ethernet MUX service (up to 20mb/20mb)
  • In-Building Ethernet Services
  • Fibre Optic Installations and services.
  • Wireless Services

If your business needs symmetrical bandwidth for voice/video/content streaming or remote access then you need a higher speed service than ADSL2+. This is where EtherTech’s High Speed Ethernet delivered Internet Services come into play.

Once pre-qualification is performed on your permises we can normally have a service installed within 14 business days.

If you already have an NBN box on your wall though, we can activate a new NBN Service and help you set it up within 2 days.

Call us today to discuss your Business’ High speed internet requirements!