Not all NBN Connections are created equal!

Almost 99% of all NBN connections that have been installed are low cost, contended residential NBN connections.

These connections are NOT Business Grade. They are not certified to work with low latency traffic or voice, and if you have a problem.. well good luck..

EtherTech is an NBN Business Accredited Adviser, and we can provision and install many diverse styles of High Speed internet connections with the correct traffic classes for your business including :

  • NBN – Fibre to the Node
  • NBN – Fibre to the Premise
  • NBN – Fibre to the Basement
  • NBN – Fibre to the Curb
  • IP-Line – 4 Wire Ethernet MUX service (up to 10mb/10mb)
  • IP-Line – 8 Wire Ethernet MUX service (up to 20mb/20mb)
  • In-Building Ethernet Services
  • Fibre Optic Installations and services.
  • Wireless Services

If your business needs symmetrical bandwidth for voice/video/content streaming or remote access then you need a higher speed service than ADSL2+ or NBN can provide, this is where EtherTech’s High Speed Ethernet delivered Internet Services come into play.

Once pre-qualification is performed on your premises we can normally* have a service installed within 14 business days.

If you already have an NBN box on your wall though, we can transition or activate a new NBN Service and help you set it up within 2 days.

Have you thought about what you are going to do about your Business voice services though?


Have you received this in the mail?

If you have you NEED to call us and discuss your options, as your Phone lines WILL be disconnected.

Call us today to discuss your Business’ High speed internet requirements!

*Subject to availability