13 Jan

January 2014 – Is IT efficiency part of your new year resolutions ?

Welcome back, Happy New Year and we look forward to seeing you in what is set to be another great year this year in 2014.

In our last Boffin edition we briefly looked at cloud solutions and how being in the Cloud can help your business move forward. Choosing services that are right for you isn’t always a simple task. That’s why we are here to help you make informed decisions and provide you with the right fit for your business.

If your New Year’s resolution looked a little like this:

ü  Try to give up the fags and booze.

ü  Lose the Christmas timber from the waistline.

Well that’s not easy either; however if you are genuinely looking for a more productive way to help improve the services you provide to your clients then please look at EtherTech’s Cloud services.

Interestingly a recent study performed by Microsoft shows:

71% of SMBs are looking for technology to enable their staff to work anywhere, anytime.

79% of SMBs believe that technology can make work more enjoyable.

If you want easy access to services on your terms and want a business that cares about you. EtherTech can help you make the best changes when looking to strengthen the forearm of your business with Cloud services.

Smartphones are now reported to outsell the PC. With leaked information of the new Samsung Galaxy S5 to be released February 2014; keen onlookers await to get their hands on this new technology. Our favourable application Trend Micro is a smartphones armour in the world of cybercrime. There is an ever growing need to share resources using smartphones inside and outside the workplace. It is quick and simple to access your organisations resources anytime, anywhere.
Trend Micro helps protect against malware that can trick individuals or organisations into downloading and installing unwanted applications onto their smartphones. It is possible that someone can secretly control the device you are using and send messages, view incoming calls, web activity without you knowing. This is a reality we must deal with going forward into 2014; EtherTech continues to tackle challenges like these plus many more. At EtherTech we aspire to provide a first-time resolution for IT difficulties whenever you ask for assistance.

We focus on supporting organisations and providing the best possible quality of service no matter the scale or creative challenge you may throw at us. Let us bring your applications and technology to life by making things better this year, so join us and see the difference we can make.