05 Jan

January 2015 – Mobile Device Management .. What are you doing about it?

Happy New Year everybody!

We hope you all had a great break away from work this holiday period. But now it’s back to the grind. 🙁

EtherTech have been busy working on plenty of projects, so we are kicking the New Year off with an introduction to our new Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution for 2015.

If you have mobile phones, tablets, laptops that have access to your company network / filesystems / email etc. have you thought about how those devices have access to your company data and more importantly how it can expose your company to scammers / or competitors?

An MDM solution can help /use/protect

  • Sensitive information accessed by multiple devices
  • Multiple Operating Systems (OS) from company or BYO devices
  • Track and report on devices
  • Enforce security policies
  • Disable and remotely wipe lost or stolen devices.

Our MDM solution can easily integrate with your existing IT structure and provides a comprehensive management console to aid with the management of every mobile/portable device that has access to your network. A simple installation process onto your mobile devices adds them automatically to the console. Once installed this can improve business processing, increase productivity, enhance customer experience and drive value for your business, as you can control and limit applications / internet access / what is used by whom and when. So the devices can become a real business tool.

Everyone really needs to secure, configure and manage their mobile devices to prevent company data being lost, and to secure private information and photos.

Another plus of having Mobile Device Management is that it allows users to bring their own devices (BYOD) and still have secured / managed access to intellectual property.

Corporate security settings can be enforced and the console can push out custom messages or updates remotely.

Identifying and tracking devices that are lost or stolen is simple; In the event of this happening you can even lock / wipe devices remotely that hold your corporate data.

Another great feature of the MDM is to run reports and analyse data for all mobile devices.

Whether it is to assess compromised/offline devices, comply with standards or simply identify how many devices have successfully rolled out updates / specific business applications.

As mobile devices are becoming more and more prolific in the business space, we need to ensure we don’t leave it until its too late to ensure they are secured correctly.

Please give us a call at EtherTech to discuss your requirements for MDM, and how it can benefit you!

Until next month..