03 Sep

Low cost Laser Printers

Welcome to September.


Its funny, but we were asked this month for some copies of some back-issues of Boffin, which are available on our website if anyone else requires copies.. Simply point your internet browser to www.ethertech.com.au/category/boffin and you see a pile of back-issues that you can read online..


This month however we’re going to have a look at new range of low cost laser and multifunction printers from OKI, that we’ve been using for a number of clients with great success.


Why Choose OKI ?
For over 130 years OKI has been at the forefront of innovation. OKI invests heavily in world class R&D laboratories in Japan and is the biggest supplier of LED chips in the world.
OKI printers not only use class leading technology but they also feature a straight through printing path, allowing for thicker paper to be used and reducing the chances of a paper jam.


Another nifty thing with these printers is because of the straight through paper path you can even print banners up to 1.2m long through the laser !


LED vs Laser technology.
Laser printers rely on elaborate combinations of rotating mirrors and lenses that must remain in alignment throughout the printing cycle.
With a stationary LED light array OKI printers have no moving parts when writing an image to the printer drum, allowing for fast high dpi printing. As a result LED printers require far less maintenance during their lifetime. For example the drum only has to spin one turn compared with a laser printer that has to turn up to three times.. Much more efficient.
OKI is so confident in their technology that the digital LED printers come standard with a 3 year warranty on all their new range !


But how much are they ?


Well, this is the surprising part !


(all prices quoted are inc GST)









OKI A4 mono 38ppm duplex network LED Printer   – $489.00


12,000pg black toner – $194.00







OKI A4 colour 30ppm duplex network LED Printer   – $ 675.00


5000pg black toner    – $129.00

5000pg colour toners – $190.00









OKI A4 mono MFP 33ppm network LED Printer w/Fax,scanning,photocopying and printing !  – $ 595.00


12,000pg black toner – $ 194.00


Extra paper trays, drums etc are all also available. Give us a call to discuss your printing needs !