01 Aug

Mobile Computing and Mobile Applications

We are in an era of mobility and, over the last 3 years, we have seen an explosion in mobile computing, mobile applications and smart phone usage.  As a business user, your email is probably connected to your phone, laptop and work desktop.  But what about line of business applications?  What about accounting software?  What about web applications?  Most importantly, how can we get all your applications working effectively whilst you’re mobile.

There are a number of things to consider before answering all these questions.  First is to decide if the applications have any usefulness being mobile.  For example, EtherTech might want to access a proposal from our iPad, mobile or laptop when attending customer meetings, but applications that draw up invoices is not important.  Conversely, accountants want applications that support spreadsheets and general ledgers.

Today, mobile-accessible information is paramount to beating competitors. EtherTech has started developing applications that help to address both general, specific and custom applications needs.

For example, until recently, a transport industry client never used mobile computing.  Today, drivers receive work orders on their smartphones, they track all their vehicle speeds and movements via GPS, access permits from a web site, use Google Maps on their laptops to determine over dimensional truck routes and use iPads to remotely connect to company financials.  So regardless of who it is in the organisation and what their role is, mobile applications and mobile devices ensure they always remain informed.

EtherTech is looking at new ways of using mobile devices and mobile applications too.  With the integration of a client relationship management system along with finance and accounting packages, EtherTech will switch to electronic job sheets, real-time invoicing and on-the-spot quoting for customers.  The benefits to everyone will be enormous; we spend less time in the office and more time attending to customers.

In automotives, our clients are developing mobile applications to capture sales opportunities using iOS and Android operating systems. At the same time, EtherTech’s partners are developing applications such as applications that capture real-time sales and forecasting information from door-to-door salespeople as a dashboard on mobile phones. This provides a range of immediate KPI’s historical trending analysis and more.

Mobility doesn’t end there.  As leaders in telecommuting, EtherTech has the ability to work from anywhere.  Realistically we wouldn’t need an office if it wasn’t kosher to do so, but the ability to be mobile and feel connected to everything from any device is what makes us such a dynamic business.

Mobile computing and mobile applications offer unlimited opportunities.  Start thinking about your online and mobile computing and applications strategy for your business.  Give us a call on our new number 1300-ETHERTECH and we will be more than happy to come out and discuss your IT strategy in further detail.


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