05 Nov

Nov 2012 : Windows 8 launch … what will it mean to me?

Windows 8 is here!

This month we’re proud as punch to discuss the Windows 8 launch and to give you our feedback on one of Microsoft’s most daring operating system launches since Windows 95.


Sample Windows 8 Desktop

On October 26, Microsoft changed the way we will interact with all our devices.  The Windows 8 Operating system aims to bring a consistent, yet unique experience where you, the user, have control over how you access online services, how you interact with your devices, to how you share applications across ALL your devices.

So then, what’s new?

Well the first thing you will notice is that the old start menu has been replaced and a series of ‘live tiles’ are now in place, allowing you to access all your applications.  Live tiles are called that because they can interact with you straight from the menu.  A weather app for example might not require you to run it to find out the forecast.  Instead it might be there right on the icon (tile) itself.

For us, we love the new start menu.  This will be the same experience on any new Windows 8 based device.  For some, this may take some getting used to, but we are confident you will love the new look and feel.


The next major feature is the focus on a new “APPS” ecosystem; much in the same way Apple has, but with a twist.  Today you can find an app for anything.  The problem is, there’s usually a different app for each device.  With Windows 8, it doesn’t matter if your app is a web-based or native app, it will run on all your devices.  Just simply sign-in with your Microsoft ID and all your apps will be synchronized across all your devices.

If you’d like a demo, stop by for a coffee and a lesson on Windows 8.  Stay tuned as we round up the latest mobile and tablet offerings based on Windows 8 for the upcoming silly season


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In other news, Kenny has left EtherTech to pursue a career in their family business, and we wish him all the best with this new endeavor!

See you all next month!