01 Sep

SEO optimisation

In this month’s newsletter, we discuss more about the increasing importance of the web and why having the knowledge to take on this new stream of marketing and advertising can really help you to improve your marketplace. With EtherTech being a complete solutions provider, we can help you with the tools you need, to achieve success.

Enter our partners at the Undercover Strategist. They have become an integral partner for EtherTech and our clients, in a way that has seen dramatic improvements to their results on the web.

If you could get a trusted online guru to spend three hours of their time focused solely on your business, for free, how would you invest their time?

Would you get them to start writing a digital strategy?
Would you want to start the process of Google ranking?
Or snoop on your competitors?
Would you use the time to get staff members trained to DIY?

In times of economic pressure, businesses are looking for cost effective ways grow their sales, business or brands. The Internet is an obvious solution.

The Internet is a great leveler; a small business can be bigger than a large corporation on the Internet, providing they have a few smarts up their sleeve. And it’s extremely cost-effective too. Gone are the days where reaching a global audience was the sole domain of massive companies.

At EtherTech, we’ve spent years educating our clients about technology, including the Internet, but explaining how to succeed with online marketing has become easier with sites like the UndercoverStrategist undercoverstrategist.com .

Undercover Strategist is an all-Australian subscription-based website that offers a wealth of knowledge, practical tips and advice about ranking in Google Australia. It will tell you what you need to do to rank in Google Maps too. The site has a range of videos and tutorials, and practical cheat-sheets you can download and keep for your reference.

If you currently pay for Google adwords, it contains advice about how to avoid wasting your advertising budget something we have seen recently with a number of customers.

If you fancy starting a blog, there are different videos and tutorials covering blogging (especially for small business), plus advice about creating content for the Internet. In fact, Undercover Strategist has everything from arguing for funding from your bank manager through to how to snoop on competitors to see what they are doing online.

Monthly membership of the website is $49.95 AUD and, as a special offer to EtherTech clients, every client that joins up as a member of the site during September 2011 will go into the draw to win a free 3hour session with the Undercover Strategist (valued at over $600).

The winner will be drawn on 3 October, so get in quick to avoid disappointment.

So as the marketers say, lets start the conversation today about how an online presence and the help of Undercover Strategist can help. Go and have a look at their site and decide for you self!
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