02 Sep

September 2015 – Windows 10 upgrades and viruses.

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With the release of Windows 10, a few people have been noticing the windows icon in the bottom right corner asking to reserve windows 10, this icon automatically appears in all windows 8/8.1 PCs,


To help with some of the confusion, if you have clicked on the icon and registered for the windows 10 version, you will be eligible for the Windows10 Upgrade, however it will not occur automatically, it will only upgrade if you click the “yes I am ready to upgrade” option once it is released when the rollout begins, there will be another option to select that says something like” do not upgrade at this time” which will delay the upgrade.

Because none of the software has been tested yet, upgrading at this point is not recommended.

Windows 7 users can also upgrade to windows 10 providing the specs of the PC are compliant. Whether you register or not, everyone has 1 year from the 29th of July to upgrade for free. You can see from the graphic below the windows licence version upgrade list which points out which version the free upgrade will give you, e.g windows 7 Pro = Windows 10 Pro, as most licences in Businesses are Professional, Windows 10 Pro is most likely what everyone would upgrade to.

We have used the Windows 10 tech build ourselves and the user interface is much easier to use, the start menu is a windows 7/8 hybrid so anyone that didn’t like the tiles menu, won’t have to worry about it, there is also a multiple desktop feature, so you can have Outlook open in one desktop and web browsing in another for example open in the other with no need to minimise the Web browser to see your emails basically eliminating two monitors if you only have one.

If history is anything to go by, most Microsoft launches don’t have a 100% success rate, and there are always many many patches released almost immediately to fix bugs, so we wouldn’t recommend installing Windows 10 for some time. Remember you have 12 months to decide. Why rush.

If you do decide to upgrade you will stay on a like-for-like version of Windows 10. For example :



A more worrying thing has emerged from this release however, and that’s the proliferation of spam and virus related attacks via email to people claiming to be Microsoft Windows 10 Upgrades.

PLEASE be vigilant when opening EVERY email.

We are about to email out a special edition alert to all our hosted email clients about the dangers and how to identify them that everyone should read and follow. Until next month!