EtherTech offer an exclusive Fax to email service to our clients. This service is especially popular with our remote or roaming clients who need access to fax reception whilst on the road.

This service is handled through the allocation of a dedicated fax number for each nominated email address you specify.

This is great for customers who require fax numbers for different divisions, or if you would like to capture faxes in a document management system such as SharePoint.

Once an incoming fax call is received by our equipment, the document is converted and emailed to the email address, email group or email router you nominate for viewing purposes.

No more line rentals, no more problems with Fax Machines, and no more being tied to one location in order to receive your faxes.

“I’ve been using EtherTech’s Email to Fax Service now for over 2 years. I travel a lot for work, and EtherTech arranged not only the fax service, but the 1300 number to go with it, so my customers all over Australia have local call rated access to send me faxed orders that I then get as regular emails on my ipad.. It works beautifully.” – David Maidment