03 Aug

Upcoming Apple and Microsoft Products, August Special on Solid State Drives.

Another month flies by and we’re already into August!.. where is the year going !

It appears the biggest mover and shaker for the month again is Apple, who have had their iPhone 5 release date leaked, and is being reported to be September 21st this year, as well as a new iPad mini with a 7” screen being touted to be released in November this year just in time for the Christmas rush .. Apple seems to be riding the wave at the moment and their constant product releases is only bolstering their bottom line as every tech savvy consumer wants a piece of the ‘latest’ apple innovation.

Microsoft have also announced the forthcoming release of the Mirosoft ‘Surface’ tablet, which is their direct competitor to the iPad, and touts the Windows8 Operating system as well as a raft of features including much more powerful hardware and connectivity suites and with a purported price of between $600->$1000 is really going to make apple worried.

Microsoft has also announced that the new Windows 8 Operating System will be publically available from October 26th.




It is a timely reminder for those still running Windows XP on desktops and laptops to upgrade to Windows 7 sooner rather than later.

Not only does extended support for Windows XP run out in 2014 (if you paid for the extended support), but the recently announced Office 2013 product will only run on Windows 7 and Windows 8, ignoring both XP and Vista customers altogether.


Have you been frustrated with a slow running PC or Notebook?

It might be the time to look at upgrading to the latest in Hard Disc Technology .. the SSD Drive.

SSD (Solid State Drive) technology has been around for quite a long time now, and I’m sure everyone knows of the USB Key Memory stick type device which is based on SSD technology, but did you know you can now purchase SSD Hard Discs for your PCs and Notebooks ?







EtherTech is running a promotion for August 2012 for the 2.5” 240Gb SSD SATA Hard Disc which is a direct replacement part.  To give you an idea on the speed difference, an SSD drive is between 13x -> 40x faster than a conventional Hard Disc !


Plus, with no moving parts, makes Hard Disc head crashes a thing of the past !


This month only $ 234.00 inc GST per drive ! (+add $11 if you need a 3.5” adapter)


Call us today to order yours !