• How do I choose a new IT provider?
  • How do I know if I’m making the right choice?
  • Are they able to do what they say they can do?
  • Are they going to be any better than who we use now?


How do I know what I don’t know ?

I was asked by a potential new client just recently ‘How do I know what I don’t know?’ which has stuck with me and caused me to reflect on the IT industry / the Acronyms / the Technology and the constantly evolving changes and challenges that everyone who is not in the IT industry has to deal with.The IT landscape is constantly changing with new technology, new devices, new software, new mobile apps.. the list goes on and on.Well where do I begin? Who can I talk to who is an expert or can guide me in my IT journey?We have spoken to many different business owners about the IT challenges they have overcome.

The common theme though is that no two businesses are the same, and every journey to success is different.


These are all tough questions ,but this is why we started EtherTech!


Here at EtherTech we manage a broad and very diverse range of business’, where we advise, we build solutions which are based on desired client outcomes, and more importantly we have the skill and knowledge of what IT solutions are available to help any type of business to be save you money and most importantly to give you back time.

EtherTech began its journey back in December 1994, and we’ve been supporting individuals, small businesses and corporate clients, with a level of dedicated service that is beyond most other IT organisations.  That is why EtherTech has proudly maintained a 95% customer retention rate.

As are most IT companies, EtherTech is a Systems Integrator and Solution Provider, however unlike other companies we have been a fully fledged Internet Service Provider (ISP) since 1996, and we have an impeccable record of identifying and solving complex scenarios with simple, intelligent solutions.

With proficiencies in computer repair, networking, hardware and software procurement, IP telephony and cloud services, EtherTech can deliver our customers a true end-to-end solution, without the finger pointing. If there’s a problem, we take ownership and fix it.

We have always believed that in order to provide the RIGHT solution, you have to stay one step ahead of whats happening with IT and the proof is in the pudding.

We continue to innovate through latest generation software and hardware technologies that now allow micro-businesses the opportunity to reap the same benefits as large enterprises.


Rather than selling you whats ‘easy’, EtherTech look at your REAL business needs and tailor solutions to meet those requirements.


EtherTech’s team of highly-trained specialists and close alliances with technology partners saves you the daunting, time-consuming task of keeping up with industry innovations and developments. From installing and setting up a new PC to establishing and integrating an entire network from the ground up, EtherTech can do it for you.

If you’d like to work with EtherTech and see how we can improve your business, please fill in the quick form on the right or open the chat window to get the conversation started.

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