Many businesses are aware of the NBN rollout, but not all are aware of the ramifications for their telephone systems, or the timeframes involved.

18 months after the NBN has been activated in your area, the copper services will be disconnected.

This includes regular phone lines and ISDN, which is how most business PABX systems have been connected to the Public Switched Telephony Network (PSTN).

If your area has already been connected to the NBN, but nothing has changed with your business’ phones, it might be time to contact the VOIP Experts at EtherTech.

Are you ready for your phones to stop working?

VOIP (Voice over IP) is the new technology used in Australia to replace the ageing / obsolete copper network previously owned and maintained by Telstra.

The idea of VOIP is to get all telephone calls to travel over the internet reducing infrastructure requirements and support for the ageing copper network and giving customers access to cheaper call rates and more features.

A few problems have arisen though.


Traditional Telco providers have been trying rapidly to move into the IT space by offering VOIP, however our experience has shown that they really don’t understand what they’re doing.

The thing is VOIP is an IT Solution not a traditional telephone solution, and those traditional telcos don’t understand IT, let alone Firewalls, Quality of Service, Bandwidth restrictions, voice prioritisation or VLANs.

EtherTech are an expert in this field, and have been called to MANY companies now where a traditional provider has installed a second NBN internet connection and more often than not a completed new Telephone system and handsets as well, as they dont know how to get the old system to work with NBN, so have totally separated the phone system from the computer system.

More often than not, you don’t need to replace your existing phone system.

This is because these legacy Telcos don’t have the skills to get everything to work together, and this means their clients don’t get access to things like ‘click to call’, AD address books, soft phones on PC’s and mobiles etc. the list goes on.

Many businesses are aware of the NBN rollout, but not all are aware of the ramifications:

18 months after NBN becomes available in your area, all copper services will be disconnected.

EtherTech can support your business through the migration process to NBN and VOIP, ensuring you keep your existing phone numbers and your business remains unaffected.

  • Like choosing an NBN service provider, you will also need to choose a provider for your voice services, and you do not need to use the same provider for both services.
  • You may need to upgrade your internet link, as it takes significant bandwidth and network prioritisation to ensure the quality of your voice communications.
  • You may be able to keep and re-use your existing PABX and handsets depending on how old it is.

Ok, So what do I need to do now?

By contacting EtherTech, we will come out to your business (no obligation) and perform the following :

  • A no obligation NBN compatibility site survey to clarify your systems are ready for NBN and VOIP
  • Billing analysis comparing your existing Telco bill to what you will save when using VOIP
  • We can then help and advise you on every step of your journey with NBN and VOIP

We Guarantee that we wont sell you things you don’t need.

We understand you have purchased equipment in the past, and we will always re-use as much of this existing equipment as possible.

We don’t believe in replacing something that works fine.

Give us a call, drop us a message or start a chat dialogue with us to see what a difference we can make to your company.

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