EtherTech : The service delivery company.

We pride ourselves on striving to provide excellent service to get the job done the first time. There are times of course where this is not possible, but rest assured we will not rest until it has been completed to your satisfaction.

As part of our service mantra, EtherTech have a range of service offerings available including :

Plan Description Advantages
Ad-Hoc Charged at hourly rate for things such as a onsite/offsite/remote technical support, project, consultation, audit, review, installation or other labour type arrangement You only get charged when you need us
Fixed Price Project style work, where a specific project is defined and quoted at a fixed price with no-overruns Certainty in cost budgeting
Outsourced IT Staff EtherTech have been providing permanent and semi-permanent onsite IT support for many years for select clients, where they require between 1-5 days onsite to support their staff and general IT work. This plan is priced on a per client basis, depending on time required and the type of work to be performed. Usually these plans run for a 12month period but can be shorter if required. Onsite regular attendance at low hourly rates. No issues with headcount/wages etc. 100% coverage during period.
Managed Service EtherTech also offer Managed Services, where we charge a flat fixed rate per month which covers all support requests. This rate is determined by the total number of devices/servers/users in a company and is calculated based on Service Level Agreements which we negotiate prior to commencement. These are 12 month agreements. Certainty in costs and SLAs for support and repair times.



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