Application Hosting / Private Cloud

From Access to Zend, EtherTech can accommodate any App Hosting requirement.

We have been operating our own private cloud since 2007. Our high-performance server cluster is situated in a secure facility in Melbourne’s CBD and powers a true multi-tenant environment. Architected for redundancy from the ground up, it provides the foundation for hundreds of custom virtual servers our customers can access from anywhere, anytime.


Operating System Support

We are OS agnostic. We can host virtual machines running any supported version of Windows Server, or just about any Linux distribution such as FreeBSD, Debian, or Ubuntu.

As a Microsoft SPLA partner, we can help with Windows Server licensing or you can bring your own.


No over-subscription

We guarantee no over-subscription of your minimum vCPU, Memory and Disk provisions. EtherTech promises the performance you need for your line of business applications.


More than just hosting

EtherTech goes beyond the infrastructure. We offer personalised technical support and 1:1 assistance deploying and testing your virtual environment. We can even be involved in the application development process to ensure you deliver the right vision.


24/7 Monitoring

Our NOC proactively monitors all elements of our environment health and is notified of any incident regardless of severity. Whether it’s a predicted drive failure or a resource bottleneck, our engineering staff are notified in real-time.


Cloud Backup / Disaster Recovery

We offer a Veeam Cloud Backup Repository for your local VMware-based Veeam backups, and in the event of a critical on-premises failure start those virtual machines in our environment to access them, using our IP address space.

You can even encrypt your data at rest using your own passphrase in our environment for added security.


Want some examples?

Here are just a few of the solutions we have developed for our existing clients:

  • Desktop as a Service (DaaS) environment for 20+ site Optometry franchise, hosting a SQL and touch-interface apps for physicians
  • A centralised MYOB and QuickBooks environment for multiple accounting firms who needed to simplify access to client data
  • DaaS environment for heavy haulage business enabling always on access, enabling in-house adoption of zero-maintenance thin clients
  • Step-counting web application for high-profile heart health organisation
  • Digital Agency delivering marketing strategies.
  • A digital music distribution Application for music PR throughout Australia.
  • A web services engine to analyse and distribute customer details between marketing agencies and the motor vehicle industry
  • Several high-volume e-Commerce web sites


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