Here are EtherTech, we’ve been looking after many leading Financial, Legal and Accountancy firms for many years.


We understand the complexities of these sectors and the challenges that are being faced in terms of regulatory, privacy and security requirements, not to mention GDPR as well as Australias own Notifiable Data Breach laws to contend with.


Security is a major focus, with many institutions STILL keeping their head in the sand and we presume praying that they wont be next on the list for targeted hackers to attack.


The problem with this is its not IF, its WHEN. It WILL happen. Every IP address on the internet is being scanned constantly by hackers who are running a myriad of tools trying to breach your systems and ultimately affect your business, your reputation and professionalism.


EtherTech have overcome these and many more issues many times over by delivering robust, reliable and secure systems¬† allowing Business’ to do what they do best.. serve their clients, and simply leave the IT headaches to the professionals.

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