Having introduced Hosted Microsoft Exchange services way back in 2007 when the concept was new, and being one of the first providers in Australia to adopt the new service provider features, EtherTech ran a dedicated cluster of servers in our private cloud purely for Hosted Exchange services.

But times change, and rather than resting on our laurels, EtherTech brings a new era of maturity and with it Microsoft’s latest offering Office365 which we started implementing for our clients back in 2015.

EtherTech can help you with :

  • Supporting existing or new Office365 tenancies
  • Migrating your Microsoft Exchange Server Emails over to Office 365 instantly with no downtime
  • Improved Service Levels and User features
  • Removing headaches and cost of managing and backing up your own Email systems
  • Ease of recovery and auditing


By implementing Microsoft technology with best security practices, you will be able to focus on the more important aspects of your business.

At EtherTech, we really focus on the small and medium business.  Unfortunately, SME’s don’t always have the budget, skills or availability of IT staff to meet their increasing demands in such a competitive  market place.  As the demands of email servers increase, so too does its complexity and system requirements.
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