Did you know that EtherTech built one of Australia’s first true multi-tenant Hosted Exchange platforms way back in 2007?

To this day, we still run a cluster of servers in our private cloud, but instead of email, they are dedicated to services and applications for our clients.

Microsoft 365 is the solution for email and collaboration, it is more competitively priced, feature rich, secure, and has eliminated data sovereignty concerns by establishing local data centers in Melbourne and Sydney.

Our experience, skills and Customer First policy has meant that we are the forefront of providing and solving all Microsoft365 issues and ensuring you are getting the most out of your subscriptions.

Microsoft 365 for business is an entire ecosystem of innovative collaboration software, ideal for any business no matter the size.

With over 100 Microsoft Business 365 deployments to our credit, we can do the heavy lifting to get your e-mail into Microsoft’s servers, then help you get the most from the features available to you.

EtherTech are your answer for new or existing Microsoft 365 customer systems!

  • Understand the license options available to select the best features for your budget
  • Migrate your existing email, contacts and calendars to Microsoft365 with no downtime or data loss
  • Show your staff how to collaborate in apps like OneNote, Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint
  • Implement security best-practices to keep your company information secure in the cloud
  • Transfer your Microsoft 365 Business support and helpdesk from your current underperforming IT provider to EtherTech


EtherTech have also developed our own EtherTech Ultimate Security Subscription Service (EUSS) which uses Advanced Microsoft features and configuration, customised for your business to provide you with the ability to sleep at night knowing your information is safe.


Please contact us to discuss your Microsoft365 setup and how we can help you achieve a better way forward.


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