EtherTech has been deploying Cisco products for decades. Nothing beats Cisco IOS products for creativity, flexibility, and reliable performance in production.

But when we received our first Meraki wireless access point, we were immediately hooked. The rapid deployment, how it took less than a minute to configure features that might otherwise take hours, and the simple licensing. So we have been recommending Meraki to anyone who will listen.

So what is it?

Cisco Meraki is a complete cloud-managed networking solution including wireless access points, switching, security appliances (firewalls), SD-WAN, mobile device management, and smart cameras.

Meraki currently provides fuss-free networking to 270K+ unique customers, with 4M+ devices online, and 6M+ active dashboard users.

100% cloud managed networking

Manage entire network from one dashboard

Ironclad security

Remotely provision a site in minutes

See how bandwidth is being used

Exceptional Scalability

EtherTech has dozens of active Meraki deployments. We have implemented every feature of the entire product range, so we have the experience to get your Meraki deployment right. We help select the right models to suit your requirements and budget, formulate a detailed migration plan for a seamless cutover, then provide 1:1 training to your technical staff on how to get the most out of Meraki dashboard.

Talk to us today to learn more about Meraki. We might even be able to hook you up with your first access point, free!

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