Cloud Managed Wireless

Highly Efficient Wireless Access Points

Cisco Meraki creates powerful cloud managed wireless solutions without complicating the technology.

Features such as analytics and wireless health monitoring bring additional intelligence for businesses of all sizes.

Advanced analytics can be used for fault finding, troubleshooting and enhanced security to help optimise the user experience whilst doing so on a secure and reliable platform.


But.. How do I choose which device is right for me ??

We have put together the following comparison tables to make it easier to understand the options and variety of MR Access Point models and which works best for you!

For more information on the Cisco Meraki MR Wireless product range please visit the Cisco webpage.

Indoor, Cloud Managed, 802.11ac Wave 2 (Wifi-5) Access Points

Outdoor, Cloud Managed, IP67 Rated, Ruggedized 802.11ac Wave 2 (Wifi-5) Access Points
Indoor, Cloud Managed, 802.11ax  (Wifi-6) Access Points

As well as selecting an Access Point from the above list you will also require a device license for each Meraki Access Point you purchase.

Traditionally there has only been one license type you could purchase, the : Cisco Meraki MR Enterprise Cloud Controller License.

This license is available in 1,3,5,7 or 10 year renewable license options.


More recently (late 2019) Cisco Meraki have introduced another licensing option for the MR range of Access Points, the : Cisco Meraki MR Advanced & Upgrade License options.

This Advanced & Upgrade license adds Cisco Umbrella integration into the MR line, allowing content filtering and security policies to be applied by SSID or group policy from the administration console. A very useful add-on for existing Cisco Umbrella deployments.

There are two types of MR licenses that can enable the Meraki Umbrella integration: MR Advanced and MR Upgrade license.

  • The MR Advanced license includes the device (Enterprise) license for a single MR access point itself in addition to the Umbrella add-on license which enables Umbrella functionality on that access point. This license is generally purchased for licensing a new MR access point that does not already have a license.
  • The MR Upgrade license is considered an add-on license and enables Umbrella functionality only. It can only be assigned to MR access points with an active device (Enterprise) license. This license is generally purchased for MR access points that already have a basic enterprise license (not enabled for Umbrella).



To learn more about these new license options please visit the Cisco Meraki and Umbrella Integration page.

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