NBN stands for the “National Broadband Network” which is an Australian Government initiative to deploy High Speed Internet Broadband access through out Australia, and is the underlying infrastructure that allows us to connect to the internet via high speed connections.

There are many technologies available with NBN (dependant on your geographical location), but as a certified NBN Business Adviser, EtherTech is more than capable of offering your business with the service you require at a much lower price point.

EtherTech has operated as an ISP since 1994. Throughout that time, we have developed expertise in every connection method available and NBN is no exception. We are a Business NBN Accredited Adviser, so can guide you through the nuances of Mixed Technology Modes, Traffic Classes, and Enhanced Service Levels.

If your business is already connected to the NBN, EtherTech can manage a seamless migration away from your current Retail Service Provider to us.


Mixed Technology Modes / MTM

The original NBN blueprint was simple: fibre delivered to every premises in Australia. This approach brought considerable time and cost pressures to the roll-out, and so with a change of government looking to cut costs, delivery methods intended to use existing copper infrastructure were introduced.

This made the NBN difficult to understand for many; so here is an overview of the connection types our customers are most likely to encounter:

MTM Stands for Description
FTTP Fibre to the Premises
  • Fibre to the door
  • Speeds up to 1Gbps/1Gbps
  • Service is terminated to an NTD with UNI-D port(s)
FTTN Fibre to the Node
  • Fibre to a pillar in the street, copper run to a wall outlet
  • Speeds up to 100/40
  • Service is terminated to the wall outlet
  • No NTD or UNI-D port provided, VDSL modem required
FTTC Fibre to the Curb
  • Fibre to a node housed in telecommunications pit in the street
  • Speeds up to 100/40
  • Copper run to the premises
  • Service is terminated to an NTD with Uni-D Ethernet port
HFC Hybrid Fibre Coaxial
  • Delivered using the Foxtel cable TV network
  • Speeds up to 1Gbps (following DOCSIS 3.1 upgrade)
  • Service terminated to an NTD with a UNI-D Ethernet port


Enterprise Ethernet

Enterprise Ethernet is an enterprise-grade offering for customers with higher bandwidth and performance requirements. Offering symmetrical bandwidth speeds ranging from 10Mbps to 1Gbps. Businesses in some areas may be eligible for a zero-cost build, but in most cases the build is paid for by the customer. Contact us for more information.


Traffic Classes

Traffic Classes are a way of prioritising traffic as it flows through the NBN network. There are three different classes available
Traffic Class 1 (TC1)

Designed for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).
TC1 provides a committed rate and symmetrical speeds carrying traffic with priority in either direction.

Traffic Class 2 (TC2)

Designed for business-grade applications and data services like video conferencing or real-time commerce applications.
TC2 is also well-suited to voice services.

Traffic Class 4 (TC4)

For non-critical business applications and services.
Any traffic which is not TC1 or TC2 is TC4.
All residential internet services delivered over the NBN are TC4.


Enhanced Service Level Agreements (eSLA)

Service level agreements are a ubiquitous part of IT. NBNCo offers business customers the option to pay an additional fee to be treated with higher priority when reporting faults.
All residential services are provisioned with a standard SLA.

SLA or eSLA Operational Period Rectification Time
Standard 8am – 5pm, business days 5pm next business day
Enhanced-12 7am – 9pm 12 hours
Enhanced-12 (24/7) 24/7 12 hours
Enhanced-8 7am – 9pm 8 hours
Enhanced-8 (24/7) 24/7 8 hours
Enhanced-6 7am – 9am 6 hours
Enhanced-6 (24/7) 24/7 6 hours
Enhanced-4 7am – 9pm >4 hours
>Enhanced-4 (24/7) >24/7 >4 hours

Different plans to suit your Business requirements

Each NBN service provided by EtherTech begins with the TC-4 packages below and can be further customised whilst ordering.

$84 pm

25mb / 5mb

Equivalent to old ADSL speed
Entry level NBN Connection
Unlimited Data
Static IP Address
Up to 2 x Telephone lines

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$111 pm

50mb / 20mb*

Mid level NBN Connection
For Business up to 10 Users
Unlimited Data
Static IP Address
Up to 5 x Telephone lines

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$134 pm

100mb / 40mb*

Top level NBN Connection
For Business > 10 Users
Unlimited Data
Static IP Address
10+ Telephone lines

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* Speeds quoted above are in the DOWNLOAD/UPLOAD Format and carry an ‘up to’ rating, which means they are dependant on the type of technology used to deliver NBN, the quality of the street cabling, distance to local node etc.

A final speed determination is performed and advised during qualification of the service by EtherTech.

Minimum Contract Periods apply to all connections.

All Prices quoted are Inc GST

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