So we’ve all heard all this hype surrounding private cloud and cloud services, so some are now asking – what does a hybrid cloud mean?

Hybrid clouds put you, the customer back in control. By enabling systems both within the Enterprise and within the service provider cloud that are inter-operable and interactive, businesses of all sizes can look at creating a best-of-both worlds approach by utilising local, on-premise infrastructure with a cloud services compliment.

Benefits for everyone

A lot of recent applications for Hybrid Clouds in the SME market include the introduction of Small Business Server, where file and print management are still handled locally at your site, whilst email is managed and maintained separately in the cloud.

As one of the fastest growing products at EtherTech, a Hybrid Cloud can save small businesses approx $6,000 in upgrade costs compared to Small Business Server.

For the medium enterprise, the opportunity exists to look at creating a virtual DMZ by placing it in to the cloud. By using secure standards for connectivity, your DMZ can be relocated or extended to the cloud, reducing costs, support overheads, improve operational efficiency and generate a new level of overall business continuity and resiliency.

For the large enterprise, accountability still exists with service levels and availability. The Hybrid Cloud can be an ideal solution for replicating in-house services to the cloud, interfacing ingress services from the public Internet, to replicating redundant architectures in the Hybrid Cloud for resiliency, redundancy and Disaster Recovery (DR).

All in all, the choice is yours and a Hybrid cloud gives you the flexibility that business of all sizes requires in today’s dynamic marketplace.

Leading Edge Technology

Using cloud services engines from both VMware AND Microsoft, allows you, the customer, to pick and choose your poison.  It is one way EtherTech is looking at using a mix of technologies to suit customer needs and demands.  It also reduces vendor lock-in and gives back control to you – the customer.

NO over-subscription

All of our Virtual Machines work a little like the old Frame Relay days.  We don’t stuff 40 virtual machines on to a single box, only to have you complain that even though you have a dual-core or quad-core CPU allocation, your applications run like a dog.  We guarantee and reserve minimum bandwidth, memory and CPU cycles to guarantee a minimum and burstable maximum clock cycles for your applications.  It is one way of obtaining real benefits with an EtherTech Hybrid Cloud.

NO local storage

Our local storage is used for booting the back-end systems only.  The rest is contained on a mirrored storage array network (SAN) to ensure maximum flexibility and redundancy with our storage systems.  This extends from the OS, to your applications and even to additional required storage.  It’s a no holds barred approach in ensuring that there are no bottlenecks and no single point of failure.