09 Aug

August 2016 – Windows10 Anniversary, 5G announcement and more!

Wow! what a busy start to the financial year it’s been!

In case you’ve been asleep….. Interest rates have been dropped again to an all-time low, Microsoft have ceased offering Free Windows 10 upgrades, but released their ‘anniversary update for Windows 10 (more on that in a second), Pokemon Go was released, the Hillary and Trump show gains momentum, Spam and Scams are getting more prolific and the Olympics have begun. Phew!

As well as all this excitement EtheTech have launched our new replacement automated Ticketing and CRM management tool after months and months of preparation and configuration.

The new system allows you to log and manage your own tickets from within our system and get live updates and job status reports directly with our techs and team leaders.

To check the new system out and log / review new tickets simply browse to http://bit.ly/2aBLo3G


As we mentioned earlier, Microsoft’s general release Free edition of Windows 10 has now ended, however users with any sort of assistive technology requirement (spoken prompts, text to speech, magnify text etc) are able to download the Windows 10 Upgrade (in its normal form) still for free by visiting:


There is no slated end date for this upgrade. So theoretically, you can still upgrade to Windows 10 for free using this link.

Microsoft also released their anniversary update for Windows 10. Another 3.5gb download though is proving to be a problem for a lot of users, especially those who rely on mobile tethering for their internet.

Notwithstanding the size of the download, a LOT of users are experiencing problems with their machines after installing the anniversary update, and if you haven’t already enabled system restores (which are OFF by default in Windows 10) turn them on and create a restore point before updating.

Once you have this anniversary update though, you really want to turn on the ‘Updates from more than one place’. This is like a localised WSUS system that allows your PC’s on your network to ‘share’ windows updates between themselves instead of each machine having to download the 3.5Gb anniversary update as well as every other update on each machine.

For all of you still frustrated with no NBN and with ADSL service speeds deteriorating country wide, never fear! Telstra is preparing their 5G network for trial in September 2016! Remember we spoke about this many months ago, and now its becoming a reality with boasted speeds anywhere from 1.41Gbps up to 20Gbps (Yes, you read correctly..  20Gig download not Meg!)

So the question remains.. why bother with NBN at all?

Anyway, another month beckons, so we must away!

As always, if you have any questions or queries on anything you’ve read, or want us to discuss, drop up a line or call 1300-ETHERTECH!

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