04 Dec

Dec 2012 – Wrap of the latest Tablets and Welcome to Team Members !

This month we wrap up Windows 8 Tablets and Mobiles and, introduce some new members of staff.

It’s the season to be tablet-jolly. After all, that’s pretty much all you’re seeing now with the release of the Microsoft RT Operating system; analogous to the Apple iOS. Right now, there are products on the market from Acer and ASUS which look promising, but a new entrant to the tablet hardware space is Microsoft themselves, with the introduction of the new Surface tablet that you’ve probably seen on billboards, TV and Radio recently.

Problem is, and we think this may be a show-stopper for the product, is that it’s only available online from Microsoft directly or from Microsoft Stores, which won’t be built in Australia until mid-late 2013.

Realistically though, the Surface RT is being pitched at the consumer market, whilst its Surface Pro, due in January will tout a fully-fledged Windows 8 Operating system on board.

For a truly supported business product however, we are seeing a slew of new Windows 8 PRO and RT tablets from Acer, ASUS, but the Sony and HP tablets are really getting our eyes and ears pricked up!

The HP Elite pad unfortunately is not due for commercial release until January 2013, but you can take a sneak peek here


The Windows Mobile 8 devices start to hit the shelves this month and despite HTC and Samsung with some amazing WM8 products, we think the clear winner will be Nokia in this space. Yes it looks like they may have managed to salvage themselves with the Lumia 820 and 920. Watch this space!

EtherTech would also like to welcome both Travis Gough and Daniel Mangan to our ever expanding team. Welcome aboard guys!

Travis joins us with a wide variety of technical and help desk skills, and his hobbies include ‘quiet walks on the beach….’ Oh sorry wrong profile!

Daniel will be another senior consultant, having come from Telstra and PowerTEL, with a mix of Server, Cisco and Linux skills, and comes action-packed with expert skills in iOS, Mac OS and OSX.

Christmas will be business as usual here at EtherTech, with skeleton staff over the period. All non-public holidays will be manned. If you have an urgent technical issue outside of usual business hours, our 1300-ETHERTECH number offers an option to contact an on-call engineer. We’re still only a phone call away during the silly season.

We hope you have an amazing festive season and from everyone here @EtherTech, we hope you all have a safe and prosperous new year and we look forward to seeing you all in 2013!