03 Dec

December 2013 – Still confused by the Cloud ?

Welcome to the latest edition of Boffin at EtherTech; still confused about which cloud solution is the best fit for your business?

Pushing part or all of your business to the Cloud can have colossal benefits. Retaining control and start progressing quicker than your competitors with services that can be automated and tailored to your business.

Virtualising a percentage of your business is a smart way to help identify and process cost cutting measures to drive your business forward.

Making the move to the Cloud can also reduce your company’s administration and integration costs by forming baselines. A workplace is a diverse environment which includes a range of workstations with varied Operating Systems (OS), Service Packs and programs. Virtualising applications enables these devices to run the executable programs on a platform that is readily accessible with the use of an Internet connection.

Our cloud storage solution has backup and recovery systems in place with added security and peace of mind built to keep cybercriminals at bay. This means less time worrying about the security of your data and more time driving the business to record highs in the cloud. Your business therefore can become quicker and more efficient to push past rivals.

Avoid hidden costs that other I.T. company’s may offer and talk to us today. We can help you drive your business further with a catalogue of Cloud services to safely and securely put your business into the Cloud.

Christmas is nearly here and what a great year it’s been. Here is a 2013 selection of goodies at EtherTech:

Microsoft (MS) Windows 8 & 8.1 this year changed the way we looked at interacting with information on multiple devices. Microsoft moves to remove Windows XP and looking to the future of Operating Systems.

MS Office 2013 was released bringing with it new ways to be creative, edit and browse media on multiple platforms.

Trend Micro antivirus successfully showcased its ways to fight Cybercriminals.

The latest highly powered smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy & IPhone series available at EtherTech

Specials on Solid State Drives (SSD) speeding up processes on workstations.

The only downside for this year were some price increases from Microsoft which will affect a few cloud services.  We will have more information on December 10 and will advise affected clients by Friday the 13th.

Plus many more so have fun, play safe and we look forward to a prosperous New Year.