04 Feb

Feb 2013 – Microsoft Launches Office 2013.. What do you need to know..

Microsoft Office 2013 is here!


With the official launch in Australia to the public on the 29th of January and with an emphasis on the cloud and social media platforms, the completion of the migration to the cloud for office is complete.


So which one is right for you?



The pricing for the Traditional version of the new Office 2013 suites that come with a physical DVD and 1 user license is as follows:


The ‘Home & Student’ (no Outlook) retails for $169 Inc. GST.


The ‘Home and Business’ (Inc. Outlook) retails for $299 Inc. GST.


The ‘Professional’ edition (incl. Access and Publisher) retails for $599 Inc. GST.


Volume license customers will be advised of new pricing once their renewals near expiry.


All versions also now include 5 GB of cloud storage on Microsoft’s SkyDrive service.


As a result of the move to cloud enabled technologies for ALL Microsoft Products, there are a number of options for you to consider.  First, is the traditional PC-based install, as well as the cloud-based offerings from EtherTech.  Running Office from the cloud in conjunction with SharePoint 2013, enables you to move, edit and change documents whenever and wherever you are, even if the device does not have office installed.  Think of it as Google Apps on steroids.


We are really excited about how these changes will affect the already existing client-base who are using SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010 online.  For those of you who are existing EtherTech subscribers, you will receive this upgrade to 2013 for FREE in March once we announce our new platforms for email, communications and collaboration.


For those of you who have been contemplating the change to the cloud, then we are only too happy to help you with this transition.  By renting Office 2013 from EtherTech, you receive free upgrades for the life of the contract, as well as limited free technical support.  Starting from just $15/month, now has never been a more affordable time to consider cloud for your business.


For those of you who are on Volume licensing with Software Assurance, you will have already received your new license codes back in October last year – yet another benefit for being on the Volume Licensing programme.


Finally, a caveat for Office 2013.  Firstly, Office 2010 is no longer available in Australia and stocks have already depleted.  Secondly, Office 2013 requires Windows 7 or Windows 8.  So for those of you who are on Windows XP, you will need to consider either new PC purchases or upgrades very soon.

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