08 Jan

Jan 2013 – Whats new at CES in Las Vegas to keep us excited for 2013 ?

Happy new year all!  We hope you had a festive cheer or two and an afternoon siesta after all the food we no doubt consumed on Christmas day.

This month as always, we wrap up the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  CES showcases all the latest gadgets and technology we are expected to see this year.

The big ticket (and we mean big) this year is Samsung with their 85 inch LED Smart TV.  Not only are they getting ridiculously big, but it’s the largest in the world.  It uses the new 4K HD technology which is twice the viewing density of 1080 Full HD displays (now considered 1K HD).  Expect new BluRay titles to start supporting 4K HD later this year.


Next on our hit list, is our personal favourite Windows 8 Laptop which is still yet to enter the Australian market.  It’s the Lenovo Yoga Ideapad that flips 360 degrees to become a tablet.  We think this product has great potential in Australia, however Lenovo have announced no plans to introduce the product in to the country.

But the coolest thing to come from Lenovo is the new Horizon 27 surface desktop / tablet / thing!  OK so this is not a tablet, nor is it a portable desktop.  It’s a 27” widescreen coffee table thing that takes computing to a new level.  What makes this special is the software under the hood of the tablet.  As you lay it flat, the interface changes and you can play games with dice rolling across the screen, for a complete immersive and interactive experience.

Netgear have not been shy of announcements at this year’s CES either.  With its new night-vision surveillance cameras for the home, Netgear have announced their new flagship Router – an all-in-one ADSL modem / router with built-in Gigabit Wireless Ethernet.  We’ve all heard of Wireless-G and N, now prepare for Wireless-AC where Wi-Fi speeds top 867mbps!

With Gigabit Ethernet LAN and WAN ports, this device will be a sure hit with those connected to the NBN.

 To wow your friends and office peers and to know what the latest is in tech for this year, head on down to the CES web site http://www.cesweb.org, or simply run a Google search on CES 2013 to get all the latest gossip.

And that’s a wrap for this month.  Next month, we will be discussing some of the changes to our cloud platform, introduction of some new products and prepare you all for the forthcoming release of Office 2013.