02 Jul

July 2013 – Windows 8.1 preview coming soon !

Happy new financial year! At least, we hope that this next year will be better for everyone.

This last month has been busy for us after our last newsletter, with a number clients replacing their UPS batteries.  In many cases, a long overdue replacement. A quick reminder that a majority of UPS batteries will most likely need replacing after a 3 year period, so its worth asking yourself the question “If my UPS failed, my data was comprimised and my server blew up due to a power outage; how long would it take my business to get back to an operational state again?” Now convert that time into cost. Most would agree it’s a small price to pay for business continuity.

On the move and in control. With everyone becoming more mobile and with more people working away from the office, the latest Telstra 4G mobile broadband will give you access to the Internet on the move when you need it most. EtherTech’s latest Telstra offering starts from only $25 per month and you can have speedy Internet access for your laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

Access your email and business applications through the high speed 4G connection (where available) and boost productivity for executives and staff everywhere. It can be more affordable than using hotel WiFi when traveling and a more convenient way to access your company’s shared documents, resources and applications away from the office.




Coming Soon

Windows 8.1 Preview can now be downloaded from here:


However, consider the drawbacks before moving from the stable Windows 8 Operating System (OS) to the Windows 8.1 update. You may find incompatibility issues and remember to always create a recovery image of your existing setup before taking the plunge. That way you can have peace of mind if the OS becomes corrupt and you can always go back in time to a fully restorable image that you know works.

The Windows 8 update is free and the finalised version will be available later this year.

Some of the fancy new features in Windows version 8.1 include:

  • – Smarter search capability
  • – Predictive text
  • – Return of the Start button
  • – More Personal preferences
  • – Improved multi-monitor view
  • – Miricast streaming
  • – 3D printing support

And if you‘re fascinated by the latest 3D printers; Windows is at the forefront of supporting such wizardry with their software.






If you would like more information on this or how we can help you get ahead with UPS, Mobile Broadband, Windows Blue (v8.1), or 3D Printing, then give us a bell.

Until Next Month!