04 Jun

June 2013 – How safe is your equipment ?

Another month flies by and its almost the end of another financial year ! (where does the time go!) … but at least there is time for another Boffin instalment for your reading pleasure! J

This last month has been an interesting one here at EtherTech with a lot of new clients coming on board and taking up our managed services which is great ! A big welcome to you all !

But, during a couple of site visits this month, we have identified that even though most companies are vigilant in ensuring that their IT systems / servers / printers and workstations are running and operating correctly, almost 100% of companies are overlooking their UPS batteries!

Did you realise that under normal conditions UPS batteries will typically last around 3 – 5 years. However this is dependent on the environment its operating in.

For example humid, hot or cold conditions deplete battery life a LOT quicker than a temperature controlled environment like a server room with constant air temperatures.

As well as temperature issues, the harder a UPS is worked and loaded (how many devices the UPS is servicing) and how often the UPS has to deal with power surges and power outages in your area and of course how many times your UPS batteries actually run out of power altogether.. all of this substantially shortens the life of your UPS batteries.

Did you know that after 5 years of normal use, your UPS actually INCREASES the risk of downtime and damage to your computers or servers !

The good news is that UPS batteries are not as expensive as you think, and are quite easy to replace.  But if you think its time to look at replacing your old UPS now is a good time !

To sweeten the deal on a new UPS, APC are running a promotion called ‘Trade UPS’ for the month of June .


Trade-UPS is a program where new and existing customers can trade in their aging UPS for a brand new APC unit and APC will ecologically dispose and recycle your old units. Not only will you help the environment but you will receive a rebate on your new purchase!

Participating in the Trade-UPS program not only protects your business-critical infrastructure, it ensures that old products are disposed of safely and without harming the environment.

When APC collect your old UPS unit/s, they ensure they are disposed of under an ISO-certified program, with as much of the unit as possible recycled into new batteries and other products.

To see how much APC will pay you for your old unit, visit :


 TIP : We’ve found is the best technique is to write the date you install the new battery onto the actual battery when it gets installed into the UPS, that way you know how long its been.. Its amazing how long things have ‘actually’ been in service for..

Make sure you give us a call on 1300-ETHERTECH to discuss and arrange your new batteries or UPS’s.. HAPPY EOFY!