01 Mar

Mar 2013 – EtherTech releases Cloud Based Antivirus solution !

Welcome to yet another month of Boffin!

This last month has caused a stir with the release of Office 2013 (as we reported last month), as its meant a lot of the older PC’s still out there with Windows XP no longer work with Office 2013 and means forced OS upgrades for many people..

EtherTech have a very limited number of MS Office 2010 licenses left, so if you need them, you better get in quick!

This month brings on that annual debate about which Antivirus software you should be using and whether or not it’s the best product for the job.

Over the years EtherTech have used and supported many different Antivirus applications from Cybec who became VET (an Australian Product), who were bought by Computer Associates (CA).  Our next forays were Sophos, then TrendMicro and finally Kaspersky.

The biggest problem we have faced no matter what the ‘brand’ of software is, is that the renewal and upgrade process every year or two requires additional support to upgrade licenses, install new versions and in most cases, increases your support costs and the associated bloat ware that come with newer versions.

Furthermore, we have no visibility of your threat status unless we attend the site and check the AV console.

The use of Antivirus solutions should be as simple to manage and ubiquitous as email.  Problem is, they’re typically not.

Enter EtherTech’s managed Antivirus Endpoint protection based on Trend Micro’s Worry Free Business Security Services.

This new system is a ‘business friendly’ solution, because not only does it support real-time anti-virus, anti-spam, and anti-malware, but it also supports web content filtering which a lot of you have been asking for.

Trend as we have realised over the years is not resource hungry and our solution does not require an on-premise Anti-virus management console. Everything is managed by us from one of Trend’s 4 data centres worldwide, improving the benefits of your AV solution even when you’re roaming about.

For only $5.50 per month per device, you get proactive license management, pay only for what you need, as you grow and gain the benefits of services like web filtering that normally cost $100’s more per network per annum.

The platform can secure Windows PC’s (Windows XP to Windows 8), Windows Servers (2003 to 2012), Virtual Servers (VMWare and Hyper-V), Apple Mac’s and Smartphones / Tablets (iOS/Android only, sorry no Windows Phones just yet).

The Web Content Filtering is a real gem as well. Imagine being able to block Facebook during business hours, but allow it only during lunchtime!

Give us a buzz if you would like more information, otherwise until next month ……