03 May

May 2013 – A quick look at sugar coated devices and trendy Operating Systems

It’s finally here; the Samsung Galaxy S4 is now available from EtherTech.

With a feature rich design – Dual camera / Dual Shot capability – you can simultaneously shoot front and rear to capture every moment. Air gesture / Air View to answer calls or scroll with Air Gesture by waving your hand across the screen.

With a technical specification to outclass its biggest competition (IPhone 5); its Quad-core processor, full HD display (1920 x 1080), and a host of other goodies such as dual SIM capability is exhibited this month.

You can have access to both personal and business mobile numbers under the one handset; now making the Samsung Galaxy S4 an exceptional communicator as a business handset.

Last month Microsoft overall increased usage of its operating systems worldwide particularly Windows 7 and Windows 8 having reached new highs with 55.9% and 6.7% respectively.  It looks like the adoption of Windows 8 has started to gain traction.  Windows XP users are on the slide to a new low of 17.6%.

This looks to be the start of people looking to the future of operating systems – changing from the vastly outdated Windows XP operating system, which will no longer be supported as of April 8 2014.

Good to know…

If you have a smartphone and tend to use Microsoft Lync on your PC or laptop at work or home, then why not download for free the Lync 2013 app from the ‘Play Store’ (Android) or ‘App Store’ (iPhone), giving you mobility on the move to attend / host meetings.

The HP ElitePad series is extremely well built and has an assortment of impressive add-ons and accessories.

This fresh Windows 8 tablet and its business-oriented system offers the widest range of tablet accessories we’ve seen to date, making it very flexible for mobile, home, and office use.

The ElitePad means you can take the Internet where life takes you. The tablet is easy to use and provides multi-touch where you can interact with all subject material quickly.

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