20 Oct

More and more companies are getting hacked every day. What are you doing about it?

More and more companies are getting hacked every day.

What are you doing about it?

Recently we have been seeing a spate of personalised and specific hacks customised against certain companies. Its been in the news for major organisations, and we’re seeing it as well on companies from 5 – 500 users too. Which means you are probably vulnerable as well.

Attacks against companies come most commonly in three forms.

1/ Brute force attacks against firewalls and unpatched server to gain access – this is normally not very successful.

2/ Bulk emailed phishing scams containing cryptolocker / malware/ remote access payloads etc. Varying success.

3/ Email Phishing Scams which are customised and targeted at individuals and companies. THIS IS THE PROBLEM.

We’ve all seen the fake apple store receipts, fake Australia post tracking emails, plus the myriad of other fake emails all trying to get you to press a link that will infect your machine or give hackers a backdoor to your system.

The problem is these emails are becoming more and more crafty, and unless your users are 100% aware of what they’re looking at and clicking, then you’re inadvertently putting your entire organisation at risk of being hacked.

EtherTech can now supply you with phishing & scam training in response to this ever-increasing threat. More and more clients are coming on board every day as they see the value in continuous training of their staff against the most recent vulnerabilities as well as helping to meet their training obligations.

The program itself consists of an initial free ‘test’ of your staff to see how likely they are to click on a fake email. (The average failure rate per organisation is 20%.)

Once signed up for the course, there is an initial training video that all staff need to watch to learn about the risks and how to identify them, then there are automated monthly random emails that are sent to see whether the individuals have learnt what to look for. If they continue to click these emails they are re-trained and re-tested using different techniques until they no longer fail the tests.

There are extensive training videos and courses that can be customised for your workplace and work type. Active Directory Integration means that when you have a new employee start they will automatically be enrolled in the course and receive emails to attend training. Portal access to see how your staff are going and who needs more training plus much much more.

The course runs over 3 years and works out at only $25 per user per year (from 1-50 users) (discounts apply > 51 users).

As a SPECIAL OFFER, EtherTech are also offering the ‘home training’ system to each subscribed business user, which allows your staff to train their kids, their spouse, their grandparents. The value in this extra home training system is immeasurable.

Please give us a call on 1300-ETHERTECH to arrange your test!

Until next time!

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