01 Mar

How to speed up your PC

This month, we’re going to cover a few commonly asked questions about how to speed up your PC computer performance.

It’s inevitable that over time all PCs and notebooks get slower and slower. The more software that gets loaded on them adds to the system registry causing longer load times as well as fragmentation of hard discs as well as registry when they are removed. Add to this the added pressure on the older machine of running the latest software that was never available when the PC was purchased, and the poor old machine is behind the 8-ball from the outset.

So what’s the solution? Well the obvious solution is to upgrade to a new machine which will handle all the latest versions of software, but for those who can’t afford the expense (or in-expense), some simple ‘housekeeping’ tasks can be performed every couple of months to keep your PC operating at reasonable performance.

Run a virus scan: Your PC probably doesn’t have a virus, but why not make sure? Schedule your antivirus program to run a weekly scan during late night hours so it won’t interfere with your day-to-day computer activities.

Uninstall applications: There is no shame in having installed lots of software on your PC. The problem is that every application occupies space on your hard drive, and many take it upon themselves to open at startup, clogging system RAM whenever your PC is on, whether you use the program or not.

Visit the ‘Programs and Features’ control panel, and uninstall any application listed there that you’re sure you don’t use. Not using an iPod anymore? Apple alone accounted for six applications on our test PC.

Watch for toolbars and device drivers for products (such as printers, WWAN modems, cameras, keyboards, and mice) that you no longer use. Click Uninstall to remove each one. You’ll likely have to reboot multiple times.

Clean up your hard drive: Windows’ built-in Disk Cleanup utility shows you how much hard-drive space your PC is wasting and identifies the main culprits. Run Disk Cleanup to get rid of junk such as temporary Internet files, old installation programs, and Recycle Bin junk. To access Disk Cleanup, type disk cleanup in the Start menu search box, and press Enter. Select the boxes for each type of file you’d like to remove, and let Disk Clean-up do its magic

Some of the other things you can do to improve your PC computer performance include:

  • Adjust your power settings
  • Run Malware software (SpyBot and MalwareBytes are excellent programs)
  • Upgrade your system drivers
  • Remove unwanted start-up applications
  • Turn off search indexing
  • Run a registry cleaning tool
  • Change your ease-of-use settings.

If you are uncomfortable with performing any of these PC computer performance improvement tasks, then give us a call on 1300 ETHERTECH and we can arrange for one of our technicians to attend your site to help optimise your computers.


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